66 Pages, or Why Blogging is a Flattering Mirror

1 Aug

Last night, I had a conversation with Leigh about my scrapbook pages for the month of July, and the conversation swirled around to blogging, and so here I am, blogging a bit again.

The conversation went something like this: I really have enjoyed making our digital scrapbook pages lately – in fact, I made sixty-six for July 2012 alone – one or two a day, with as many as seven on days that we had very special events.   Leigh told me she was impressed with how much we did in July, and I told her that I really felt like we hadn’t done much, but had honestly thought that we had way too many slug-around days with the oppressive heat and humidity.  But when I looked over those 66 pages amassed at the end of the month, I realized that we really had done a lot of interesting things, and that even the most sluggish days had moments of joy, or peace, or wonder.


Before FB was big, I blogged nearly every day, and sometimes twice a day when things were exciting.  I used the blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family who were far away, and also as a way to make new friends who had similar interests.  Now, FB mostly fulfills those roles, so why would I keep up with the blog too?

I remember, though, that I felt like I did SO MUCH MORE in those years of daily blogging.  I don’t think I did, really, beyond one or two projects that I decided to do just to join in with a blog party.  Blogging is a very flattering mirror, though: reading back through it can remind me of just what we do accomplish even on our sluggiest days.

How hard can it be to keep up with a blog, and FB, and daily scrapping, and homeschooling three kids?  Couldn’t be that much harder than just FB, and scrapping, and homeschooling, and wouldn’t that extra, flattering reflective surface be worth it?  Let’s see.

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