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Game Kids: LEGO Monster 4

4 Oct


When LEGO first started putting out board games, we knew they would be a hit in our house, where not a day goes by that the kids don’t play with LEGOs and play at least one board game.

We have slowly been collecting them, and though KarateKid has a preference for the bigger, more complicated games (Minotaurus, Ramses Pyramid, and Harry Potter: Hogwarts are his favorites), as a family we love the small-box, quick play games, and we’ve been adding to our collection.

I spotted LEGO Monster 4 at a terrific clearance price at the local superstore recently, and the price was so good that I bought two copies… one to have, and one to give away!


The kids were excited to open Monster 4 (see how I made them wait until Halloween-month?) and, as with all the LEGO games, one of the best parts is building (or re-building, or modifying) the game board before you start.  Monster 4 is a small-box game, made to be played by 2-4 players in just 15-20 minutes, and it has an appropriately easy and quick board to build.


KarateKid built the graveyard while GoGoGirl assembled the monsters – and they let me put together the cute six-legged spider.

Many of the LEGO games are similar to well-known games, and Monster 4 is a version of tic-tac-toe.  The goal is to win by getting 4 of your monsters in a row.  On your turn, you roll the die to see where to place your monster (light or dark grave, or your choice), or whether you can place a skeleton (counts as a wild for anyone on the board), a spider (scares away every monster in that quadrant), or remove an opponent’s monster and put your own monster in its place.


We played as a family tonight, which meant that our youngest player (4 1/2 year old GoGoGirl) was well below the 7+ age guideline from the box.  She definitely understood the basic rules and what each color on the die stood for, but needed some help with strategy.  She didn’t need so much help, though, that it felt as if she wasn’t playing for herself.  I think that 4 is a fine age to play this one, with some gentle guidance.


The other best part about LEGO games, of course, is that after each playing, we sit together and come up with alternative rules or modes of play.  “What if we…?” always comes after a game.  The instructions even include suggestions for new ways to play.  One of the things on our fall/winter bucket list is to create our own mash-up of the seven or eight LEGO games we own into one giant game!

My kids are excited to play Monster 4 a lot during October.  We very often play a light game after each meal, and this one is great for that – quick, easy to set up, and can accommodate the whole family, the three of us who are home during the day, or just the two kids if I need to be taking care of the baby or the dishes.

If you think your kids would enjoy Monster 4 too, please leave me a comment telling me why.  Or how much you love games.  Or how much you love me!  Next week I’ll have the kids randomly draw a winner, and we’ll send it out so you’ll have it in time to enjoy the Halloween-y feel.

This post was not sponsored, endorsed, or paid for by anyone.  We just like games, and think that you do too.

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