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OxiClean Tackles Three (Make That Four) Mess Makers

2 Oct

I was pleased to be a part of the Mom Central OxiClean Blog Tour in September.  If you’ve read my venting, angsty post about September, you’ll know that I needed all the help I could get!  We had catastrophic flooding in our area, as well as other snafus, and life got very messy.

Mom Central and OxiClean sent me a large container of the OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover powder and a mixing, stain-soaking bucket to work with.  I would love to be able to share before-and-after pictures with you, but I just wasn’t thinking about taking the before shots during our most messy moments.  I’m sorry, but I’m sure you can visualize and sympathize as I tell you about just a few of the ways that OxiClean came to the rescue in September with my three (make that four!) mess makers…

Mess Maker #1 is just 7 months old and interested in eating solid foods – and often, interested in spitting them back out, too!  OxiClean rescued two of my t-shirts and three of BabyNewHope’s bibs from baby food and formula stains – these can be tough if they’re not treated quickly, and treating stains wasn’t always at the top of my list!  One of my shirts in particular sat in the hamper for two days before I remembered it, so I soaked it overnight in the soaking bucket, washed it the following day, and the stains came out.

Mess Maker #2 is 4 1/2 years old and has a passionate love of markers.  Did you know that “washable” markers… sometimes aren’t?  OxiClean helped save a pair of GoGoGirl’s light pink pajama pants from the reds and blues and browns and blacks of a pack of markers, a ream of construction paper, and a distracted mom.  I did catch this messy incident pretty quickly, though, so I used OxiClean in the soaking bucket to hand-wash the pants, and most of the marker came right out.  The marker that was left did come out in the wash, to which I added OxiClean with our regular detergent.

Mess Maker #3 is 9 years old and thinks he’s a nomadic hunter-gatherer.  In September alone, he’s brought me mud stains, grass stains, berry stains, wild grape stains, flood water marks, ground-in chalk, yucky stains from picking up garbage scattered by those crazy skunks, and more.  My only complaint here is that OxiClean does not also sew ripped pant legs!  Hmm, something to work on.  I was most impressed that it took out the squished wild grapes from the bottom of a t-shirt after soaking and washing.

Mess Maker #4 is 35 years old and tackles home improvement projects – even just the removal of an old fridge – with gusto and a crowbar.  OxiClean has been tried on a pair of MechDaddy’s khakis that got a mysterious oil/grease stain recently.  The stain did lighten in the wash, but didn’t come out completely, so I have them soaking again.  I have been reading up on user suggestions for removing carpet stains using OxiClean, because MechDaddy and the kids have been known to track in sludge from outdoors.  What do you think?

Overall, I’ve been impressed with the soaking power of OxiClean.  When we’ve used it in the past, I only used it as a laundry additive and didn’t think to pre-treat with it.  As chaotic as the past month was, being able to save a few pieces of clothing from the rag pile did make me feel better, thanks to OxiClean.

I’m pretty sure you can already tell, but I’m required to tell you point blank that I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of OxiClean and received OxiClean items to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Lego Party

2 Oct

Are our babies really nine already?  KarateKid turned 9 at the beginning of the summer, and his buddy E turns 9 this weekend, at the beginning of fall.  It’s hard to believe that our babies are so big and now have a troupe of younger siblings following them around!

My friend Heather is a party-planning maniac and as usual had a fun and creative party ready for the kids.  This was E’s second Lego party (he had one last year too) so Heather could reuse and expand on many of the same ideas… last year, the kids took turns hitting the pinata while wearing a Lego head… this year, there was a Lego brick body to wear too!

Lego Party-001

GoGoGirl had a wonderful afternoon with Heather’s girls, playing with balloons, dancing, coloring, and playing “Mother and Sister” and “the Cheese Game.” (The Cheese Game was one they made up while eating cheese balls… make your friend laugh her head off by coming up with silly things that could be made of cheese… “Cheese Legos!” “Cheese Pinata!” “Cheese Camera!” “Cheese Underpants!”)

KarateKid was a little nervous at first because he doesn’t know any of E’s public school friends… but he was glad to see E’s friend C there – someone he knows from other parties – and the two of them built Lego cars together and assembled paper rockets together, too. (John was brave enough to let the kids launch the rockets inside, because it was pouring rain!)

Lego Party-002

At the end of the party, the kids played musical chairs. I had to remind my poor, unsocialized-homeschooler kids how to play, since the last time they played was at E’s party last year! They had great fun with it, and KarateKid was thrilled to be the winner.

After the other guests left, MechDaddy and I helped Heather and John clean up while our six kids kept playing, and playing, and playing.

The kids all loved the Lego party with the Lego-head pops, the Lego-guy cupcakes, and especially the Lego costume… but mostly the time with friends.  What a terrific day!

The Month That Was {September 2011}

2 Oct

Let’s shake off yesterday’s funk and remember all the sweet moments from September 2011.


We did do plenty of learning this month, in all kinds of ways, including using our giant math mat.


We read lots and lots of books, and did mini-themes about camping, pirates, and autumn.


We spent time with other homeschooling friends starting to study world geography (and food, yum!).


We even took one day for “Chuck E. Schooling” and did math, spelling, and reading between tokens!


GoGoGirl started dance class, a thrill beyond thrills.


Nature study included capturing caterpillars and watching this family of deer enjoy our neighborhood.


BabyNewHope’s mom is back to work and so she’s with us during the school week.


We just adore having her with us… GoGoGirl is particularly fond of their matching outfits!


There has been time to spend with family and friends, and we ended our month with a birthday-night-out at the hibachi restaurant.


Lazy Sunday mornings, building human towers in our pajamas, gave us a reassuring sense that, no matter what, family love stays at the core of it all.  So long, September, and welcome October!