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Thursday’s Tiny Treasures… or Talk & Tag

18 Mar

I hope you’re all enjoying National Wildlife Week, and getting outside to explore nature with your kiddos!

We decided to merge our park time with a playdate with friends this afternoon.  It was 3 happy hours in the sun & breezes, with laughter and even an impromptu picnic.

But… the camera stayed mostly in my bag!  The six kids searched the trees and ground for bugs with Paula’s help… and I stayed lazily tucked under a tree with Leigh where I could nurse my headache and watch the kids cavorting!  After some bug hunting the kids rode bikes and scooters, played on the playground, rolled down the big grassy hill, played tag, and talked, talked, talked.

There are no pictures of cute bugs or cuter kids for you today… so you’ll have to share your tiny treasures with me instead!  What did you do today?