Science Short: National Wildlife Week

14 Mar


This week’s Science Short was an easy choice – the National Wildlife Federation is celebrating NATIONAL WILDLIFE WEEK.

From their website:

National Wildlife Week March 15-21, 2010

Get Wild, Child!  Be Out There At Home, School and Play

Celebrate National Wildlife Week by doing what comes naturally. Whatever you do–at home, school or play–do it outdoors and have fun! Climb trees, chase butterflies, dig in the dirt and celebrate nature. You’ll become healthier, happier and more connected to the world around you.

Get Wild At Home

Receive a custom Family Activity Passport featuring a week’s worth of local animals and plants to watch for, tips for gardening with children, and games. Download fun nature-themed activities, find local outdoor spots to visit with your family, and learn how your school can go green with Eco-Schools USA. Kids can green their interior habitats with ideas from Ranger Rick, build a milk jug birdfeeder and look for animals in their neighborhood.

National Wildlife Week is a signature event of National Wildlife Federation’s Be Out There™ campaign, an initiative to connect families and communities to nature, raise healthier kids, instill a conservation ethic, and inspire a life-long appreciation of wildlife and the environment. Held annually since 1938, National Wildlife Week is National Wildlife Federation’s longest-running education program.

The family activity guide includes ideas for each day including Monday Mammals, Tuesday Tweets, Wednesday in the Woods, Thursday’s Tiny Treasures, and Friday with Frogs.  We’ll be following along with various activities and books, and outings depending on the weather & the kids’ health.  We’ve chosen a different area park for each day’s theme so hopefully we’ll be spending plenty of time outside in the last week of winter!  Let us know if your family decides to follow along too.

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