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Cuter Albuter-ol

12 Mar

After both kids spent most of last night coughing, we headed to the pediatrician today.  GoGoGirl had finished a 5-day course of zithromax and really wasn’t measurably better, except that her fever was gone.  KarateKid had started the week with pink eye and slowly added some cold symptoms over the week until he was miserable this morning.

KarateKid has a sinus infection, his second of the winter.  Not too terrible, especially for a kid with horrible dust allergies who has been cooped up inside so much for the winter months.

On the other hand, the doctor said that the zithromax did nothing for GoGoGirl, who not only still has bronchitis but now also has a sinus infection from all the yuck.  The doctor was also appalled that the on-call doctor last weekend didn’t prescribe albuterol nebulizer treatments for her.

Cuter Albuter-ol

So, it’s new antibiotics for both kids and breathing treatments for GoGoGirl.  She does very well with them if I pull up an episode of Fraggle Rock on Netflix!  If the antibiotics and nebulizer don’t kick her cough by Monday, though, we’ll have to go back in for a chest x-ray.

Poor GoGoGirl had pneumonia in November of 2007, too, just two weeks after we brought her home from Guatemala – probably starting as something we all picked up during travel, because KarateKid and I had it too.  Look at how bitty she was with the nebulizer way back then!