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Brick Roads and Submarines: YELLOW

8 Mar

Colored foods are the name of the game this week over at Muffin Tin Monday, and this week the kids were all eating fun meals inspired by the color YELLOW.

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

Since my kids are sick (both have pink eye and GoGoGirl has bronchitis as well), we had to stay home today and miss our drama, gymnastics, and karate classes.  To make up for it, I decided to take the YELLOW theme and streeeeeeeetch it all through our day.

We started with YELLOW BRICK ROADS.  After the morning medicines and a light breakfast, the three of us curled up together in bed for two hours to read aloud the Charles Santore version of The Wizard of Oz.

I love this version: it is long enough, at 94-picture-book-size pages, to satisfy KarateKid’s hunger for a long adventure and detailed story, but the illustrations appear on every page, sometimes taking up entire two-page spreads, and are lush and lovely enough to satisfy GoGoGirl’s desire to soak it all in visually.

It is an abridgment of the original text, specifically a careful condensation of the text, done gently so that virtually no language other than Baum’s own is used.  I love that, because too often I seek out an abridged version of a classic tale only to wince at the changes made in language, style, and tone.  This one is lovely.

I have to add that my kids are not familiar with the movie version of The Wizard of Oz.  We don’t own it, so KarateKid has only seen it once, a couple of years ago.  The books are so much richer and delve more deeply into the fantasy world that it seems a better fit for KarateKid to fall in love with the world first, through the books, and then view the movie as an interesting interpretation of what he already loves – in the same way he loves Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.  I think he’ll soon be interested in the original Baum novels, as he can read this version aloud with ease.

This is the first time we’d read a long book aloud to GoGoGirl, and it has been forever since I needed to read one aloud to KarateKid, and so I’d forgotten how dry my throat can get.  I was giddy at the realization that KarateKid and I could now swap off every 20 pages or so.  I’ve never really heard him read a novel aloud, just funny passages here and there or picture books to his sister.  I was absolutely charmed by his skill & theatrical nature as he read the Emerald City scene – he had a blast doing the voices.

When we’d finished reading, we decided to use some yellow paint to create our own brick roads.  I’ll be linking this project up with stART this week over at A Mommy’s Adventures!

First, I gave the kids long pieces of paper from a roll we have.  I poured yellow tempera paint into Styrofoam trays from our reuse box, and gave them each three types of kitchen sponge: a small rectangle, a large rectangle, and a large rectangle with metallic bristle lines.

Paint and Sponges

Next, I suggested to the kids that they could use the sponges to stamp yellow paint onto the paper as one way to make a yellow brick road.

Stamping a Road

GoGoGirl is definitely not feeling herself today, but the paint perked her up a bit.  She had fun stamping with all the sponges and using extra colors of paint too.  She proudly showed me her wonderfully messy hand.

Hands-On Artiste

KarateKid loved the idea of the project, and after he’d made a whole road, I gave him two cookie cutters to use to stamp some people along the road.  Here’s his finished project:
Yellow Brick Road

While the kids were stamping and painting and creating at the kitchen table, I was making our lunch.  Originally I was going to make this meal as a brunch today before going out, so the foods are breakfast-y!  We had cornbread (made in muffin tins) and mini crustless quiches (made in muffin tins) as well as some yellow fruits – bananas and pineapples (only bananas for GoGoGirl, who is allergic to pineapple).

Yellow Muffin Tin

I even set out my yellow footed muffin cup to be our butter dish!

The mini quiche are very easy: I simply mixed 3/4 cup of egg beaters with 3/4 cup of shredded cheese, and then mixed in some crumbled bacon and sauteed onion and yellow bell pepper.  This made 9 mini quiche which baked for about 18 minutes at 375F.  I’ve done them before in the silicone liners but used paper today so the liners would also be yellow… that was a mistake!  They do not come easily away from the paper liners!  Do not try this at home; use silicone liners or simply a greased muffin tin instead.  The tops and insides were quite yummy, though.

After an extra-long siesta (GoGoGirl slept for more than 3 hours), we decided to fill the late afternoon hours before dinner with another messy yellow activity!

You might need a little background story for this one… you see, tomorrow we had planned to go to a Beatles Sing-Along at a homeschooling friend’s house.  We’d have missed it because of the illnesses, but it turned out that she needed to reschedule, so we’re hoping to be healthy by the time she’s ready to host a houseful of rockin’ homeschoolers.  We’ve been listening to the 1 album (all their songs that hit #1) in the van lately, so we have Beatles on the brain.

So… the kids played Yellow Submarine, in our own weird way.  We got out a big ol’ bowl of lemon pudding that I’d thrown together, (many, many sale-price boxes of lemon pudding mix later…) and got messy!

Yellow Submarine 01
Yes, that’s a bowl of pudding…

Yellow Submarine 2

…with a toy submarine in it.

We also dumped in most of one of those little tubes of plastic toys – sailboats and ocean liners and divers and submarines.  I also put on “Yellow Submarine” repeating on the cd player.

Yellow Submarine 3

The kids also had fun with measuring spoons and little plastic cups. GoGoGirl, in particular, loved filling these up and then dropping a guy or a boat in one and hollering, “OOPS!”

Yellow Submarine 4

KarateKid, like me, enjoyed the sensation of squeezing the pudding through his fingers, letting it drip down, plunging both hands at once into the deep bowl of pudding.

Yellow Submarine 5

Then he figured out that he could make a little fountain – and a fart noise! – by squeezing his hands together in just the right way.

The kids had a blast with the pudding, and played with it for almost an hour. I had saved a small bowl of uncontaminated pudding for each of us to enjoy after the messy fun was done, too. It was absolutely worth the time to make the pudding & the effort of cleaning it up afterwards to get this look on the face of an otherwise miserably sick girl:

Yellow Submarine 6

The whole yellow day was a success: we had enough calm activities to rest weary bodies, enough interesting activities to distract us from running noses and watery eyes, and enough fun to make us all smile!