Science Shorts: Lizards made Longer!

10 Jan


We have been studying LIZARDS for our Science Short for the past week.  KarateKid has been enjoying spending some time each day talking about lizards, doing lapbook flaps, reading about different kinds of lizards in our reference books, and watching some video clips online.


I wasn’t feeling well on Thursday or Friday and so we didn’t do as much lizard-loving as we wanted to – in particular, we didn’t go to the pet store on Friday to buy a pair of anoles as we’d planned.  So, we decided to continue studying lizards for a second week.  We will finish up a few lapbook elements we didn’t get to before, read different sections from our book list, and hopefully get out tomorrow or Tuesday to pick up our new pets.

Aunt Gwyn shared these lizard sites that we hadn’t seen before:

Discovery Channel lesson plan on how lizards adapt to their environment — includes mention of the tuatara and how it != a lizard.
National Zoo fact sheet on the green anole
Yahoo! Kids page on the green anole — less detailed but appears to have a brief video clip
How to make a tunnel for a lizard terrarium (site may require free registration)
The Great Lizard Discovery Web Quest
Australian frilled lizard goes on adorable tiny attack rampage

We have already explored some of them but plan to talk about the tuatara tomorra.  Er, tomorrow.

I’m amused too by the degree to which we’re eclectic homeschoolers… I made a plan and we’re already altering it to fit our lives better after just one week!  That’s what I love about homeschooling, though.  Everything is flexible.

As usual, if any of you have any more great resources to share, please pass them my way!


2 Responses to “Science Shorts: Lizards made Longer!”

  1. Robin January 11, 2010 at 4:49 pm #

    This is awesome! I know my son would be thrilled with this kind of subject too. We did amphibians last Spring, so maybe we’ll do lizards this Spring. Thanks for the inspiration.


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