Science Shorts: Lizards

3 Jan


KarateKid has asked to study LIZARDS for our Science Short for the week of January 4th.  Here are my plans so far… as always, please let me know if you have any great ideas to share!


We’re using the lovely (and free!) lizard lapbook at HomeschoolShare as our spine for this week.

We will record any extra books we read on the included Lizard Book Log (cute!), and we can use the Vocabulary Lizards to write down definitions of new words as we read.  If KarateKid seems to have a hard time remembering and using the vocabulary from one day to the next, we can make a memory game out of it, matching words to their definitions, all written on the lovely lizard cards, of course.


read and do the lapbook elements for:

  • What is a Lizard?
  • Where Can You Find Lizards?
  • Lizard Diets
  • Reproduction

try one of the story starters – this might just be a few lines or it might turn into a story we work on over the course of the week


read and do the lapbook elements for:

  • Predators of the Lizard
  • Methods of Defense
  • Shedding Skin
  • Lizard Senses


read and do the lapbook elements for:

  • Classification Information
  • Families of Lizards


read and do the lapbook elements for:

  • Unique Lizards

read some information about local lizards (we’ll be using this local lizards handout)


finish any incomplete lapbook parts, or create new ones as you like – then assemble the lapbook!

KarateKid is very eager to get a new pet for the tank that has housed mice, crabs, and a whole variety of insects in the past… so we’re planning on buying two anoles today!  (Plus crickets, substrate, and a basking lamp to go with the tank heater and UVB light we already have.)

Before we go out, we will read this guide to keeping anoles as pets, with a little extra anole information added in from other sites, including some from this anole page at Herp Care.  (Here I have to add that I was given two anoles as a kid when my friend was moving back to Canada and couldn’t take the lizards with her.  We kept them in a tiny plastic critter keeper with no heaters, no lights, no real plants, gravel for substrate, water in a dish, and mealworms for food.  I’m not surprised they didn’t last six months!  Poor guys.)


Our library list includes:

All About Lizards by Jim Arnosky
Loco for Lizards by Jim Cherry
Lizards Weird and Wonderful by Margery Facklam
Anoles: Those Florida Yard Lizards by Steven Isham

We’ll pull these books from our shelves:

the Lizards section from our Fun With Nature (Take-Along Guide)
the Lizards pages from our copy of Frogs, Toads, Lizards, and Salamanders by Nancy Winslow Parker
the section on Lizards from DK / Smithsonian Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide to the World’s Wildlife
the stories about Lizards from Reptiles Do the Strangest Things by Leonora and Arthur Hornblow
Chameleons Are Cool by Martin Jenkins

Video Clips

Here is a list of several of the lizard video clips I’ve found on YouTube – most of these are from National Geographic.  We’ll be watching these throughout the week, as our interest is sparked.

Cobra vs. Monitor Lizard
Blood-Squirting Lizard
Komodo Dragons
Lizard vs. Lions
Anole in the Wild
Wild Detectives: Gila Monster
Chameleon Babies
Lizard vs. Lizard
Adder vs. Lizard
Anolis Lizard Love
Thorny Devil
Man-Eating Dragon?
Monitor Lizard vs. Croc
Boomslang vs. Chameleon

ETA: Since I wasn’t feeling well at the end of the week, we didn’t get out to pick up our anoles on Friday.  We decided to extend our study of lizards by a week, and I posted about that, along with a few extra resources, here.

2 Responses to “Science Shorts: Lizards”

  1. laughingstars January 3, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    Awesome! My kids had anoles, and they LOVED them, but they never lived long. We later read that they shouldn’t be handled much. My kids may have shortened their lives — inadvertently — with too much attention.

    Anyway, it sounds like you’re MUCH better educated about how to care for anoles than we were. Have fun!


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