Twelve Points to the Hot Sauce

1 Sep

One of my greatest entertainments is watching JediBoy play with one of his best friends, Nate.  The two are on the same geeky wavelength, and can entertain themselves anywhere by playing the “JediBoy and Nate Adventures” game.  Case in point: today we met Leigh and her kids for lunch at the buffet since we’re heading out of town and won’t see them again until late next week.


The boys took their own booth and amused themselves – had more fun than is usually reasonable at a buffet, actually.  They set up a huge battle scene involving – what else? – the straws and forks, sugar packets and ketchup and hot sauce.  At one point we heard them say, “That’s twelve points to the hot sauce.”  Not only were they setting up a battle, but they were keeping track of hit points!  Ah, the next generation of geek warms my heart.

They also had some special effect where they could suck the energy out of the hot sauce by pointing their straws at the side of the bottle.  Lots of sound effects and intense conversation.  And when they noticed they were being photographed?


They turned on your intrepid reporter! Run! Run for your lives!

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