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Writing Games: Tell Me a Story – Viriya and the Flower

13 Jul


Once upon a time a tiger named Viriya, who lived in India, stepped on a flower — and it honked. Viriya jumped high in the air, and his sharp teeth chattered. He sneaked up on the pretty flower again, sniffed it, and then touched it carefully with his paw. The flower honked again. Viriya was so surprised by this noisy flower that he…

Tell me a story about what happens next!

Today’s story start comes from PisecoSis.  JediBoy’s story…

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Muffin Tin Monday: Big and Little

13 Jul

The theme for Muffin Tin Monday this week was Big and Little.  It seemed like a great time to use our 8-cup tins, which make lovely long columns for comparing foods.


We had all big and little circles today: grilled cheese sandwiches, pepperoni, Ritz crackers and Oreo cookies.  This was an especially fun tray for BabyGirl (2 1/2) who chattered all through the meal, “I’m eating BIG sandwich, now LITTLE sandwich.  BIG cracker, LITTLE cracker.”  I asked JediBoy (7) if he thought the big and little sizes made the food taste any different.  The Oreos and sandwiches tasted the same to him, but he was amazed at the difference between the big and little pepperoni and the big and little Ritz crackers.  Fun all around!

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