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Finished Reading: Hood

8 Apr

I saw Hood (The King Raven Trilogy, Book 1), by Stephen Lawhead, on several reading lists from the Spring Reading Thing, and it was on my library list when PisecoDad stocked me up on books for my recovery.  I started reading it this weekend, in desperate need of escapist fiction, and Hood rose to the challenge.

This is the first novel in the King Raven trilogy (the later volumes are Scarlet and Tuck) – a retelling of the Robin Hood legends, set in Wales in 1093.  It is filled with action, political in-fighting and plenty of magic and mystery, and it’s only in the final third of the book that Bran ap Brychan emerges as something like the Robin Hood we know (think master archer, fighting the rich to feed the poor, hiding in the woods to ambush the baron’s traveling party).

I enjoyed losing myself in the world of Hood, and I’m looking forward to picking up the other volumes in the trilogy when they make an appearance at our local library.

One HAND-some Easter Poster!

8 Apr

I find it impossible to resist any kids’ craft project I see that uses my kids’ handprints or tracings…  and this spring I’ve been reminded of lots of good handprint projects.  I decided to incorporate two of my favorites… and some extra hands… into one big Easter project.





I helped paint the kids’ palms, pointer and ring fingers white and we printed them on pink paper to make the bunny heads.  Then I photocopied each of their hands (instead of tracing them) – because JediBoy thinks that’s amazingly cool and BabyGirl won’t keep her hand still for me to trace it!  I traced the photocopies to make several of their handprints in green (for grass) and purple, white and pink (for lilies).

I set out a large rectangle of paper and let the kids paint it blue using tempera paint and toothbrushes.  They love using unusual tools to paint with and it had been a few months since we’d used the toothbrushes.  I love the texture it gives to the final blue background!

We curled back the fingers of the purple, white and pink hands, using pencils as a guide.  Then we pinched each lily together at the bottom, added a dab from a glue stick, and held them closed with paper clips for 5 minutes or so until the glue dried.

Then came the fun part: gluing the grass hands at the bottom with the bunnies peeking out from behind and a few lilies decorating the edges.  We have plenty of bunnies and lilies to use in other decorations this week, too.  The kids were very proud of the final poster!