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Finished Reading: Harvesting the Heart

2 Mar

I’m at the end of the pile of new-to-me Jodi Picoult novels… and I think she released a new book this week!

Robin lent me Harvesting the Heart which was a good read, as usual from Picoult.  The novel tells the story of Paige, who grew up with her father in Chicago after her mother left, and Nicholas, an up-and-coming cardiac surgeon who falls in love with artistic and colorful Paige.  We read along through their romance, getting flashbacks to their separate childhoods, and see the painful depression and desperation that overtakes Paige after she becomes a mother.  Paige searches for her own mother, and in doing so searches for an understanding of herself as well.

I loved the descriptions of Paige’s charcoal sketches and the hidden images that would appear in them.  I understood, as I think most mothers would, those moments of confusion and inadequacy at being handed a tiny living being.

Harvesting the Heart wasn’t my favorite of Picoult’s novels but explored some interesting issues about family, love and motherhood and reading it was a cozy way to spend quiet moments.

Muffin Tin Monday: Orange

2 Mar

Another great muffin tin lunch today… ORANGE.  This one was quite easy because my kids love so many orange foods.  Many times I use the tin as a snack or extra mini-meal, but today it really was lunch and so I included macaroni and cheese.


Our tin included:

orange bell pepper strips (with Ranch), goldfish crackers, and baby carrots (again with Ranch – obviously my kids prefer their raw veggies doused in dip)
cantaloupe, macaroni and cheese with extra cheese (a slice of Cheddar), and mandarin oranges

There wasn’t any hesitation – the whole meal was devoured quickly, one tin by each kid, and seconds were requested.

To see more orange food, head over to Her Cup Overfloweth!

We’re spending the rest of this blustery, bitterly cold day celebrating Read Across America day in the best way possible: by reading, and reading, and reading.