Battle Erased

20 Feb

BabyGirl can now say L’s in the middle of some words – an overnight development – today she says yeLLow with her tongue coming out of her mouth in delicious joy.  She still says she “wuvs” me but that too will fade.  Why is it that mothers worry about development – when will he walk?  when will she talk? – but when those milestones are finally reached, we mourn the loss of our tiny babies?

JediBoy loves his spelling board – a 18×24″ white board for his All About Spelling tiles.  Oh yeah, he loves those tiles too.  The red vowels are the bricks in a red wall put up by the barbarians, and the blue consonants are the bricks in a much sturdier wall put up by King Arthur and his army.  The board was littered with fallen soldiers and funky medieval weapons that he had to explain to me.  Unfortunately, when the war was over, he swept the board clean before I could snatch a photo.  Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be a fresh battle tomorrow.

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