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30 Jan

Another Friday spent on that most asked-after of all homeschool subjects… socialization!

At Chuck E. Cheese, JediBoy predictably spent most of his tokens on the Star Wars game.  BabyGirl ate more pizza than either of us.  We rode roller coaster simulators and played skee ball, talked and danced and laughed.  BabyGirl’s eyes were half shut by the time we walked out of the building, and she was asleep by the time we left the parking lot.

We had a lovely, quiet siesta for a few hours, then on to IHOP for more Nutella crepes and baby-holding, and playing the What Animal Am I? game.  Another Friday night trip to the WM, this one not as much fun in the end because JediBoy saw a package of toy ninja knives and wanted them… but my policy is that he can be given toy weapons or buy them with his own money, but I won’t spend my money on them.  That caused quite an upset and he was alternately complaining and pleading for the rest of the trip.  Ah well, the kids are now in bed and all will be smoothed over.

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