August 1st is Tie Dye Day

1 Aug

August 1st is Tie Dye Day… around our house, anyway!

Two years ago, near the end of July, I told PisecoSis that I’d welcome any suggestions for new things to do with 4 year old JediBoy. She suggested that we tie dye on August 1st in honor of Jerry Garcia‘s birthday, and we did. We did a few things that first year (including a pair of darling little boy undies), and did just two shirts last year.

Today, we pulled out the Jacquard kit and did 9 shirts and 3 pairs of socks. JediBoy was very interested in the process and in choosing a design, not just scrunching randomly. He really wanted a spiral shirt and a bull’s-eye shirt, so we did those plus a few V designs.

I did the folding on most of the items, though JediBoy did his own bull’s-eye shirt and accordion-fold socks. He did all of the dying on his pieces (three shirts and his socks) and I did the others.

Aug 01 Tie Dye folding

The kit was perfect for the amount we did (we used up the red and had a few squirts left of the yellow and blue). I liked the free dvd that came packaged with it, which gave me a good refresher in some of the classic patterns, like the ones I made all those eons ago at CTY. (What’s next week, friendship bracelets and lanyard? Hooray for Mandatory Fun!*)

The shirts are now resting, and tomorrow afternoon we’ll rinse and set them. I’m sure there will be pictures by Sunday or Monday. [ETA: come see them in Sunday's post.]

I do, of course, have a picture of the colorful, post-tie-dye mud puddle battle to tide you over.

Aug 01 mud puddle vert

* CTY is nerd camp. I attended every summer from ’88 through ’92. We were all nerds of such an extreme degree that in the hours from about 3-5 pm, after class ended and before dinner, we were required to sign into one (or two) of the offered recreational activities. Ultimate frisbee, board games, choir, orchestra, comedy improv – they were all great, but we took our studies there so seriously that we had to be forced to stop studying for those two hours and thus it was referred to as Mandatory Fun.

3 Responses to “August 1st is Tie Dye Day”

  1. tribeofautodidacts August 1, 2008 at 4:05 pm #

    You guys are SOOO cool! If I’d known it was Jerry Garcia’s birthday, I might’ve put on a Grateful Dead album and tie died a few shirts myself. Of course I would’ve topped it off with some Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. ;-)

  2. Jenn August 2, 2008 at 12:02 pm #

    Too funny, I don’t think I tye-dyed since high school art class!

    How fun! Can’t wait to see the finished products.


  3. Kim August 3, 2008 at 2:58 pm #

    I can’t wait to see how the shirts came out! It sounds like they had a blast. I always had fun doing that when I was a kid.

    Thanks for visiting my giveaway! Come visit anytime!

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