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Play Date & Sachets

21 Jan

To my loyal following, who today LOUDLY proclaimed I hadn’t blogged in a LONG TIME (3 days, since Thursday): here I am!

I was still not feeling very well on Friday, so we played it low-key and stayed home, read most of A House At Pooh Corner to celebrate A.A. Milne’s birthday, but didn’t make our usual honey cookies.

Saturday, JediBoy had his second soccer game.  He had such a good time, and really seemed to key in to playing positions – as usual, he loved being goalie or playing defense and staying near the goal, but for once, when his coach Mikal asked him to play offense, he really did go after the ball.  They had so much fun.

Saturday night, JediBoy went with PisecoDad and Uncle M to the hockey game, while BabyGirl and I stayed home together.

Yesterday we did a little shopping but mostly stayed home and PisecoDad watched football.

Today, we went to Heather’s house to have a play date with our other playgroup moms (my circle of friends who I met through La Leche League when JediBoy was born in 2002).  It was a good time – Heather had decided to feed the kids a “picnic” lunch in the living room, while the moms (and PisecoDad, who tagged along) ate at the table.  The kids loved it and made it a “dino picnic,” playing with dinosaurs and eating dino-shaped nuggets.




JediBoy had wanted to bring something to make with his friends, so we made Winter Sachets (Hat Tip: Theresa!) which are just so appealing to me.  We’d made a trip to the fabric store to buy a little cotton calico that was on sale, and saved our clementine peels and snipped a branch off the pine in our backyard, and even used some whole allspice.  The scent created by six kids cutting orange peels and pine needles was heavenly, and they enjoyed the time.